2001 Technical Updates



The car performed magnificently last year, with only one non-finish (at Spa) and a slipping clutch at Snetterton. The suspension hadn't really been set up correctly, but the handling wasn't too bad - and the engine was in fairly mild tune, but it still managed to keep up with the pack at most of the circuits (actually finishing 4th in Class C for the year). But for 2001 changes were required - the biggest being the move to Class D, which meant a new 1600 race engine. Other updates have been planned to make a competitive package, here are the details.


After some consideration, and a limited budget, I chose Scholar engines in Suffolk to build the the power unit for my Golf. The bottom end is fairly standard, bored out by 1mm and fitted with new pistons and lightened/balanced rods. The head has a Kent GS25 camshaft and vernier pulley, Schrick one piece race valves (40mm inlet, 35mm exhaust), and it has been ported and flowed accordingly. The compression ratio has been raised to 10.9 to 1, and the inlet manifold has been worked to improve airflow.


The suspension last year wasn't really ever set up, I never so much as checked the tracking all season. So now I have new springs all round (475lbs rear, 275lbs front), new spring platforms, stiffer rear anti-roll bar, re-fitted front anti roll bar, and modified front struts for negative camber - currently set at 2.4 degrees. The stiffer rear roll bar should supply more grip to the front, and the front roll bar should stop the inside front wheel lifting exiting hairpins (the inside rear wheel I'm sure will still lift merrily). The adjustable Koni's remain as dampers.


The gearbox has been completely rebuilt with a 4.25 final drive ratio (it was formerly 3.89) and a Quaiffe Automatic Torque Biasing differential unit. The change in final drive ratio should allow me to use all five gears this season (I never got into fifth last year) and the Quaiffe diff should dramatically improve exit speed from the corners.

Minimum Weight

I'm trying various weight loss techniques to get the car close to the 790kg Class D minimum weight.

Peter Nixon, 18th March 2001