Silverstone, 16th August

Since the piss poor performances at Mallory and Lydden, I finally decided to try and sort the car out. To try and solve the end of race misfire I'd fitted new fuel pump, fuel filter, air filter, coil, ballast resistor, fuel pump relay and some wiring. We'd also painted the interior, fitted a new lighter Sparco Rev seat with new mounting frame and adjusted the front suspension. It was supposed to be set up but when measured properly we had 3 degrees of camber on the NSF and 0 degrees on OSF. We also had about 1.5 degrees of toe in - not great for cornering.


With the new changes and a visit to Silverstone earlier in the year, I was straight on the pace with 1 .14.1 on lap 2. Unfortunately there was too much traffic around and the tyres got too hot to improve on that but at least the session ended without drama.

The timesheets showed that I'd qualified second in class, ahead of all the other usual class D rivals and only beaten by the flying Lotus Cortina of Dan Nash.


Made a reasonable start but Chris Bray got away better, he was alongside me all the way up the first straight and went for the apex at Becketts, forcing me across the grass. Fortunately I rejoined without T-boning anybody and set about re-taking the class lead. For 1 1/2 laps I followed the silver Escort who was being held up by Peter Holton's SD1. Forced Chris to take the inside line at Becketts on lap 2 then got a drag down the main straight, diving down the inside to take the class lead into Luffield. The next few laps I tried to attack the SD1 who was surprisingly slow not only out of the corners but up most of the straight too. The Golf was flying, all the changes seemed to have worked wonders.

A few more laps and it all went pear shaped. Chris Bray easily passed on entry to Copse and as I drove wide to let him through Don Hughes (who'd been following closely) got a better exit and passed me before Becketts. From first to third in two corners.

But worse was to come. Down the straight I again got a tow and dived down the inside of Don back into second place. But the engine didn't seem happy - I was losing power. Sure enough, next lap, I had a bag of spanners under the bonnet as I passed under the bridge - something else major had broken. I tried to make it around Luffield in case it was the last lap (I'd lost count) but it wasn't. So I coasted to a halt at Copse for yet another DNF.

Initial investigation showed a holed top hose and no water - and therefore a blown head gasket at the very least.

Zara comes along to spectate - its thirsty work.
The camber is finally set right,
The ex-Dan Nash Sunbeam, now piloted by Rory Patterson.
The SPN Golf
I used to drive one of these...
Don has distributor problems but solves them.
Durdana comes along to watch too.
David Scriven's class D Escort.
Steve drove the SPN Golf in Classic Thunder - at least in qualifying anyway. :-(
Ian Wallace's Sunbeam
Lap 1, turn 1 - and Chris Bray tries to go around the outside of the Golf.