Snetterton, 29th/30th June

Another dismal day. The previous 10 weeks had been spent frantically reshelling the car after the Mallory crash, and that had meant working on the thing every night the week before Snetterton to get it ready.

It wasn't perfect - there was still some sound deadening in, the suspension settings hadn't been checked, the brakes were just road brakes and everything had been done in a bit of a hurry - but it passed scrutineering and I was relatively happy on Saturday morning.

I started last out of the collecting area, which worked out quite well - Snetterton is a long circuit and I got several laps to myself before the occasional quicker car started to come by. And generally they didn't slow me because they came past down the Revett Straight. Anyway the car felt OK - nothing was falling off (apart from the gear knob - I had to use the stick itself!) so I started speeding up. I just managed to get into the 1.29's and was starting to enjoy myself, when I felt the power drop and the engine tighten down the back straight. I couldn't believe it. I checked the oil pressure and sure enough it was starting to drop, so I came into the pit lane and killed it dead - I've learned my lesson about running an engine too long.

So yet again I didn't even get to start a race. The 2002 season has turned into a joke - I've managed 1 corner of Mallory so far in terms of race laps, and that ended in disaster.

Anyway I refuse to give up, so we spent all day Sunday taking the poxy engine out. The sump came off first to reveal a pile of metal shavings two inches deep. Sure enough once the engine was on the bench (8 hours later) number one big end bearing was f***ed.

Why? The oil wasn't too low. The engine seemed to pull fine though there was a rattle after the overheating at Thruxton. And the whole thing was only about 12 laps old?!?!

Hmmmph. So its already back at Scholar being investigated. Now the plan is to miss Lydden Hill (I have an Ante Natal class, I'm going to be a Dad - yippee!) and try and get the thing running again for Silverstone in August.

Or maybe I'll just give up and take up fishing instead.

I'd probably snap the f***ing rod.