Round Two - Cadwell Park, 7th May 2001


As I headed out onto the track, I started to notice the tyres screeching at rather lower speeds that I hoped - I had attempted to straighten the suspension after the shunt at Thruxton, and it certainly looked fine. But the car definitely wasn't driving right - it was difficult to keep in a straight line exiting the corners.

I ploughed round best I could but ended up almost at the back of the grid with some investigation to do. In the paddock afterwards some spectators were saying that my front wheel was 'folding' under the car, I wasn't sure why this would be and the best I could do was reset the tracking - which was 2 degrees out.

The Race

As I drove round on the green flag lap, it was clear that there were still problems with my front suspension - the car was lurching across the road and the tyres were screeching badly. I thought I'd try and make the most of a bad weekend, so when the lights went green I was fairly relaxed and made a flying start, passing the Sunbeam of Andrew Guy ahead and getting alongside the similar car of Sean Cockerill. I was then boxed in and had to let Andrew by on the inside, by which time the first corner was upon us and I started to struggle. I then had the frustrating task of trying to keep the car on the track whilst the rest of the class D boys disappeared from view - worse still Jos van de Perre in another Golf was right up with me, trying to get past. I made a mistake at the Gooseneck and had a trip across the grass, but held Jos behind before starting to pull away a little. But the rest of the race was a case of watching my mirrors and letting the quicker cars lap me without getting in the way - very disappointing considering Cadwell was my favourite circuit last year.

After the race it turned out the nearside suspension leg was moving on the negative camber adjustment, the wheel was indeed folding under the car. Emergency repairs are need before the next outing at Brands Hatch.