Snetterton Test, 19th February 2000

The morning session was a real baptism of fire - first time at Snetterton for 4/5 years, first time ever with no chicanes on the straights (only been there for rallying), first time on the track in the golf, first time driving FWD, and the track was half wet and half dry, with big puddles everywhere from a downpour the previous evening. On top of that I'd had a nightmare drive to the circuit, with a detour back to Ipswich 'cos I forgot the bloody race car keys (doh!), and two roads closed due to accidents.

So I struggled big time, well off the pace of the other Group 1 cars there and they were one class lower! Urrgh. And just to make matters worse, within 10 mins of getting on the track I came round Coram too quickly, the back end went and I tried to control it on the throttle like a RWD car, lost it big time and went spinning down the track for 100 yards before coming to a halt 2 ft from the tyre wall. Good job the gravel traps were wet otherwise I'd have my first bodywork to sort out.

Once I'd worked out which wheels were driving the car things improved slowly, and the afternoon session was much better. By then the sun was out, the track was bone dry and I'd sort of learned the lines, so I could just about tag along behind Andrew's Guys Sunbeam. I was still 1/2 second slower around Coram than I should have been 'cos I was bloody terrified of the tyre wall, but overall my confidence increased dramatically and I started to enjoy myself.