Preparation Work - Jan/Feb 2000

16-Feb-2000 - well, the car is now ready. Over the winter it has been modified from Rain X Road Saloon format (interior removed, strut braces added, seat frame modified etc) and some work has been done to improve the look of the car. The steel wheels have been abandoned in favour of a set of BBS alloys fitted with 185X60X14 Dunlop Formula R tyres (the biggest ones that would fit under the arches). In addition the gearbox linkage was completely rebuilt as it was very worn, and a TAS quickshift kit was fitted.

However all is not well. Maybe I just need to get used to the car, but the steering feels exceptionally vague on the road. The car seems to wander alarmingly, though there seems to be no wear in the rack or column. Worse still when power is applied the car seems to 'tilt' to one side making it very difficult to place into a corner. Maybe its just torque steer on a very dated FWD chassis but it feels most uncomfortable. Additionally the brakes seem to have no feel, they may need warming up properly on a track (rather than through South London traffic) to get hot enough - I suppose I'll find out at Snetterton.

At least the car now looks OK - if a little excessive in the sticker department. 40 bought a lot of SPN Racing and web site vinyls that now adorn the rear panels, bonnet and tailgate, together with Demon Tweeks Pole Position livery - and the car is ready with its race numbers for the season - 64c