Mid Season Review

I've now completed five races in the Group One Touring Car Championship, so its time to reflect on how things have gone.

On the positive side:

5 races - 5 finishes. For a cheap car the Golf has proved totally reliable.
Handling is superb - its a great beginners car, very forgiving too
I've enjoyed every minute of it
The Golf is competitive enough to have a decent race with the cars at the back end of the grid

On the negative side:

Its a 1.8 so in Class C - hopelessly uncompetitive in its class and carrying ballast too (current 2nd in class position is purely due to reliability and finishing record)
I need a little more power down the straights (who doesn't) to help compete where I am now

So I'm starting to think where I go from here. I could just continue as I am for next year, but the other cars are all being worked on and my Golf isn't being touched. All it has had since the season started is fresh brake fluid and lots of petrol. It desperately needs a rolling road tune/set up to try and extract whatever power I can out of the current setup - probably with a competition exhaust manifold fitted before the session. I aim to get that done before Thruxton (where there are long straights and the Golf is going to suffer). And then the sky is the limit as to what I can do - competitive 1600 engine, swirl pot to stop petrol surge, upgrade front brakes, re-site master cylinder and fit bias valve, corner weights, convert to rear disks, fit new wiring loom, race battery, LSD, close ratio gearbox etc etc. At some point soon I've got to decide whether to start developing the Golf (which I am growing fond of it must be said), or maybe passing it on to another beginner and investing in something new.

That decision will be made during the next 3 or 4 races.

1st June 2000.