Cadwell Park, 16th April 2000


After failing scrutineering with no brake lights, then missing the drivers briefing while I fixed them, it was a mad scramble to get the car to the paddock for the start of qualifying. In fact I only just made it, by which time I was basically in a right flap. I calmed down during the session but my time of 119.9 seconds was the slowest out there - urrgh.

The Race

Well I've got nothing much to lose, so I line up at the back with only Guy's Sunbeam and Robarts Carpri behind me, both with 10 second penalties. The lights go green and I make a good start, and I'm in front of the Mini of Young by Coppice, then alongside Kerry round the outside of Charlies. I make this stick going up to Park behind a big queue of cars, then Williams has a big moment along the tyre wall approaching the mountain.

I'm right up with the Fiesta of Alstrup, and on lap two I get past him on the inside at Park, and start catching the Corolla of Williams. He has a problem but I use him to learn the lines round Cadwell, lap 4 and I try and get alongside approaching Halls bends. He cuts me off, but I get a better exit out of Charlies and I'm through at Park. A 3 litre Capri (Moss) has a sideways moment up the Park straight and I've gained another place, but he gets past again on the next lap with so much more power on the straight.

I follow closely, he has a tank slapper after Mansfield and I get past again, but once me he has me on the uphill drag to Park corner. 2nd last lap and he goes wide at the hairpin, I edge through on the inside and do my fastest lap of the race (115.81s) to keep him behind me and finish in 11th position overall, 2nd in class.

Roll on Brands Hatch!