Rallying – Page 2

This is me and my co-drive Steve posing next to our 'Trophy Spec' Group A Skoda Estelle;-

Skoda Estelle Group A Rally Car

Another pic of the wonderfully talented crew...

Peter and Steve, 1991

And another one - we took these pictures for a portfolio in a vain attempt to get sponsorship.

Crash helmets in hand...

This is the Skoda Favorit I co-drove in circa 1993 - a group N car with all the right bits.

Group N Favorit in factory colours

And this is the same Favorit out on the Artemis Stages - Dalby in Yorkshire.

Dalby Forest

Another shot of the car - driven by Charles Hutchinson.

Charlie and me, 1993


Getting strapped in for the Tempest Stages at Longcross, April 1995. Co-driver is Ian Bradbury.

Longcross, April 1995

Proof that I actually caught and overtook someone - catching them at the apex....

Overtaking 1

And round the outside up the hill. What a superb move...

Overtaking 2

The Sunbeam at Longcross again...

Talbot Sunbeam at Longcross test track, Chertsey