Volkswagon Mk1 Golf GTi 

EGN 70X - Golf GTi Class CGertrude, before the makeover - pictures by Ben Pike PhotographyA naked Golf, before being plastered with SPN Racing liverydsc00106.jpg (81871 bytes)

The car is in the following spec:

1600 Scholar/Vulcan engine;
40mm inlet valves, 35mm exhaust valves (Schrick), Kent GS25 Camsaft and Vernier pulley, ported and flowed, 10.9 to 1 compression ratio, 1.0mm overbore with oversize pistons, lightened and balanced rods and flywheel, worked inlet manifold and Helix competition clutch
Rebuilt gearbox with 4.25 final drive ratio and Quaiffe Automatic Torque Biasing differential
Pagid pads on vented cross drilled front disks
Braided hoses all round
Dunlop Formula R tyres on 13X5.5 VW Alloys
Safety Devices welded in roll cage
Varley Red Top race battery
Sparco Rev race seat
Willans 3" FIA harnesses
Koni Adjustable shock absorbers
TAS Quickshift gear linkage
2.4 turn quick rack
OMP strut braces, upper front, lower front, upper rear
475lbs rear springs
275lbs front springs
Stiffened rear anti roll bar
3 degrees negative camber front wheels, 1 degree toe out
Near minimum weight (790 KG) post race

For the technical updates completed for the 2001 season click here.